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The Team

The core of the team is placed in Prague, Czech Republic (you can check out some of the backstage pictures at pinterest). We also have other collaborators all over the world. This project would not be possible without a support from many people.


spent his childhood with computer games and programming. He started the project and works mostly on the core parts of the game. He is the creative engine of the team.

Tomas www

likes to sing in his head while programming. Works on core parts of the game as well as AI and scripting modules. He is the pragmatic element in the team.


has read more than half of the articles at the Wikipedia. Apart from doing that he works part-time on Factorio. Among other things he takes care of the Linux integration.

Albert www

is a freelance artist living in Barcelona. He does all sorts of things including illustrations, animations and game graphics. In Factorio he is in charge of complete game graphics.

Daniel www

is a freelance composer, sound designer and music teacher from The United Kingdom. He is working on sound effects and ambient music for the game. He also composed the music for the trailer.

The Hedgehog

is a mascot of the team. Patiently listens to our programming problems and helps fixing cunning bugs by ultimately staring at the incriminate position on the computer screen.