Starter Page

Many say that Factorio is very deep and content-rich game. We strive to provide as much genuine and interesting gameplay as possible. However, precisely for this reason the game has a non-trivial learning curve. There are many elements and new players can get lost rather easily.

In Game Campaign

The best way to start getting familiar with Factorio is to go through the two initial campaigns in the game. These have been specifically designed to introduce quite a few basic concepts in an hands-on way. You can start the campaign by opening the game and then going to Play->Start campaign. At the moment the First steps campaign has 3 missions (which are also available in the demo) and the New hope one has two missions.

However, at the moment the campaign doesn't introduce all the content in the game. We already have plans on how to change this in the future. In the meantime there are other great options to learn more about game mechanics. See below.


These are short interactive tutorials designed to teach more complex topics. For now we only have a set of Train tutorials, but more are in progress for future releases.

Factorio Wiki

Created by us, and now maintained by our commuinity. The Wiki is the best place for in depth information and research into all aspects of the game. A good place to start is the Quick start guide.


Youtube videos are a great resource of Factorio knowledge. There are quite a few hand-picked links on our dedicated videos page. The videos come in different shapes - tutorials, release overviews, previews or let's plays. One video to highlight for the beginners is Xterminator's tutorial series 'Relearning the game'.


A lot of knowledge has been created by our wonderful community. Namely there are three places worth looking at:

  • The official forums - you can share the setups, discuss strategies or report issues here.
  • The Factorio Subreddit - community managed and very active source of assorted Factorio stuff.
  • The wiki - started by us, now run by the commmunity. There are many tutorials and explanations.
There are more community links at a dedicated subpage.


If you run into any issues, please don't panic =) There is a lot of information online to help you solve your issue. The suggested places to look for help are:

  • Start at our FAQpage which answers the most common questions.
  • Our help page provides information on how to deal with payment issues and how to report bugs.
  • Our forums contain a support section where you can report bugs / technical and gameplay problems. However, please note that before you report the issue, the suggested approach is to first search for the issue on the forums - simply because it is very likely that it has already been reported.