The team

Our office is located in Prague, Czech Republic. At the moment there are 18 of us working from here. On top of that we also cooperate with collaborators from all over the world.

In the picture above, left to right: Tomas, Kuba, Albert, Martin, Robert, Michal, Vaclav, Michal, Ondra and Betka in the front row

Team members

Michal kovarex

Technology director

Spent his childhood with computer games and programming. He started the project and still has the best knowledge of the complete code base. He is the creative engine of the team.

Tomas slpwnd

Managing director

Originally a developer, nowadays spending more time running the company. When not at work, he enjoys simply having a quiet time at home. He is the pragmatic element in the team.


Art director www

The artist and illustrator responsible for the visuals in Factorio. Obsessed by details, meanings, and balance; he translates concepts into pixels to give the best player experience.

Robert Twinsen

Developer, www

Originally from Romania. He plays lots of games and likes electronics, RC models and quadcopters. He is also the master of bad jokes.

Michal Posila


Becoming a game developer has been his dream job from childhood. His favorite game (besides Factorio=)) is GTA.

Ondra Oxyd


Divides his time between Factorio and CS studies. In the game he is interested in the AI and enemy behavior. He is a Linux (and games for Linux) fan.

Martin HanziQ


A CS student and a big fan of OpenTTD. So no surprise that he takes care of railroads and trains in the game. He also handles various macOS related issues.

Robert Rseding91


Works remotely from Michigan, USA. His all-time favorite tasks are performance optimizations. He is very active in the modding community and on the IRC.

Vaclav V453000

3D artist

Former OpenTTD player and modder, who found Factorio as his new toy to play with (and now develop). Prefers a systematic approach to his work.


Composer & sound designer, www

A freelancer from the UK who tightly cooperates with us. He is responsible for all the music and sound effects in the game.

Scott Klonan

Community/PR manager

From the UK. He is taking care of the game marketing, PR, community management and pretty much anything business related that comes up.


Office/Administration manager

Loves travelling, nature, and Asian food. She assists the team in a large number of ways, including accounting and office matters.

Ernestas Einis

3D artist

An artist from Lithuania. Currently responsible for the terrain and decorative entities in the game.


Developer www

Works remotely from Wisconsin, USA. Likes expoloration and factory simulation games. Currently working on improvements to the terrain generation.

Tom Wheybags


Is an Irish programmer. He is interested in FOSS, and is the founder / lead developer of the freeablo project



A big fan of RPG and RTS games. Enjoys researching and experimenting with AI, robotics, and space technologies.



He's been a programmer his whole life. Currently working on the game's engine and also responsible for compatibility with the Apple ecosystem.

Ben Abregado

Level designer

With many years of experience using Factorio for education, he is currently working with us to develop our campaign and tutorial missions.

Erik Bilka

Wiki admin

Working part-time from Germany, handling the organization and administration of the Factorio Wiki


Python developer www

A proclaimed Python and Assembly 'Guru'. He develops and manages our mod portal, multiplayer server, and other web services. Owl by night.

Past team members / Special thanks

Kuba Blue Cube


Worked with us for over 5 years, helped to develop some of the core features and internals of the game. Now working on his own open source CnC project.