Friday Facts #418 - Space Age release date

Posted by Factorio team on 2024-07-05

Today we want to share some exciting news!

Factorio: Space Age - Release date

We plan to release Factorio: Space Age expansion on October 21st 2024. The reasoning for this date is that it will give us enough time after summer vacations to polish the release, while also leaving enough time afterwards if we need to do bugfix patches before the Christmas holidays.

The price of the Space age expansion will be $35.00, the same price as the current base game.

You can wishlist the game now over on Steam.

Factorio: Space Age - Content

Factorio: Space Age continues the player's journey after launching rockets into space. Discover new worlds with unique challenges, exploit their novel resources for advanced technological gains, and manage your fleet of interplanetary space platforms.

Space platforms - FFF-381

The backbone of planetary logistics and the first foray into space. Space platforms are flying factories that act as the means of transportation between planets.

  • Build defenses to shoot down incoming asteroids which threaten to smash your platform.
  • Catch asteroid chunks, crush them and process them into thruster fuel and turret ammunition.
  • Use the Platform hub and Cargo bays to shuttle cargo between planets.

Vulcanus - FFF-386, FFF-387

Blazing volcanic mountains, imposing geological landforms, plains blanketed in ash, and thick yellow sulfuric fog that burns your lungs and etches your eyes.

  • Extract and refine tough unbreakable Tungsten to craft big mining drills and foundries.
  • Pull lava from the pits to produce an abundance of molten iron and copper.
  • Research advanced metallurgic technologies to build an industrial forge-world.

Fulgora - FFF-398, FFF-399

A lifeless and desolate place. The thin air is freezing cold but bone dry. A distant sun twinkles in the dull purple of the sky. Wispy clouds race by as a gale whips up sand that grates against your armour.

  • Protect yourself from the nightly lightning storms, harness their unrelenting power for your own electricity needs.
  • Reclaim the high-tech scraps and ruins of a long-forgotten civilization and recycle them into usable products.
  • Unlock the advanced electromagnetic and superconducting powers of Holmium.

Gleba - FFF-413, FFF-414

A vibrant multi-coloured swampy landscape shrouded in a light mist. The air is thick and humid, carrying the muffled cries of unseen animals from far away.

  • Discover exotic plants, cultivate and harvest their fruits with Agriculture towers.
  • Cook, crush, and process your produce before they rot and turn to spoilage.
  • Venture into a new realm of biochemical engineering.

Elevated rails - FFF-378

Take your trains to the next level! Elevated rails bring a whole new dimension of challenge and possibility to your rail networks.

  • Heavy-duty rail ramps and supports to elevate your rails.
  • Cross over any obstacles, build supports on the water to cross oceans.
  • Design advanced multi-level intersections to optimize your train system.

Quality - FFF-375

Make high tiers of quality of all your items, machines and equipment.

  • Every Item, Entity, and Equipment has 5 possible qualities, from Normal to Legendary!
  • Research the new Quality modules, use them to craft higher quality items and intermediates.
  • Each level of quality gives a greater bonus, machines craft faster, equipment is more powerful, turrets have increased range, etc.

And Beyond...

The journey doesn't end there, there is a lot more coming with Factorio: Space Age, and a lot more left to be revealed:

  • Space Age Music - Each new planet is accompanied by a unique soundtrack by Czech composer Petr Wajsar - FFF-406
  • New enemies and defenses - Some new planets are inhabited by unique and dangerous creatures you will need to defend against.
  • An enigmatic 5th planet - promises some of the most unique gameplay but it remains shrouded in mystery. It's the furthest planet from the sun so it's dark and cold.

Factorio 2.0

But thats not all. Factorio: Space Age will also coincide with the release of Factorio version 2.0 which will be a free upgrade for all users.

Version 2.0 has a wide range of game changes and improvements:

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