Friday Facts #400 - Chart search and Pins

Posted by kovarex, Klonan on 2024-03-01

Hello, Is it me you're looking for?

Friday Facts #399 - Trash to Treasure

Posted by Earendel, kovarex, V453000 on 2024-02-23

Hello, It's Earendel back for another electric adventure. You got your first look at Fulgora in FFF-398. (If you haven't read that already please read that first.) Now let's take a look at the new planet's mechanics.

Friday Facts #398 - Fulgora

Posted by Earendel on 2024-02-16

Hello there, Where shall we go today?

Friday Facts #397 - Factoriopedia

Posted by Pard on 2024-02-09

Hello, we have gathered here today to talk about a new quality of life feature coming with 2.0.

Friday Facts #396 - Sound improvements in 2.0

Posted by Donion, Ian on 2024-02-02

Hello, Today we will be looking at (and listening to!) many of the sound improvements we have been working on for 2.0.

Friday Facts #395 - Generic interrupts and Train stop priority

Posted by Klonan on 2024-01-26

Hello, Another trains FFF!

Friday Facts #394 - Assembler flipping and circuit control

Posted by kovarex, Josh on 2024-01-19

Hello, let me show you another dose of things we just can't stop ourselves from doing.

Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things

Posted by V453000 on 2024-01-12

Hello, I have an irresistible urge to tell you a little story. I'm sure you come here for stories, don't you?

Friday Facts #392 - Parametrised blueprints

Posted by kovarex on 2024-01-05

Hello, I'm going to cover a feature I only just finished. I was thinking about this idea for years already. I always thought the feature is too hardcore to be included, but I learned that it is usually a mistake to underestimate the players, so I gave it a go, and decided to share it right away.

Friday Facts #391 - 2023 recap

Posted by Vinzenz, raiguard on 2023-12-29

Hello, Another year has come to an end, from all of us here we wish you good fortune in the year to come.