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Friday Facts #384 - Combinators 2.0

Posted by kovarex, Klonan on 2023-11-10

Hello, we are going to focus on the general improvements of the way circuit network is used in the game. I wasn't using it often, because all the problems combined made it too big of a hassle most of the time, which was an indication of problems. So we improved each part of the process of using it a little, from UI, to feedback of what is going on, to stronger/more accessible combinator functionality. I can say that it worked, at least for me. Once these changes were available, I used the circuit network way more in my latest playthrough, and it felt good, so lets hope it won't be just me :)

Friday Facts #383 - Super force building

Posted by kovarex, Klonan on 2023-11-03

Hello, welcome, take a seat...

Friday Facts #382 - Logistic groups

Posted by kovarex on 2023-10-27

Hello, today we will go over some of the details of Space platforms we couldn't fit into the last FFF, as well as some new features that will tie the whole system together.

Friday Facts #380 - Remote view

Posted by kovarex, Hrusa on 2023-10-13

Hello, we would like to talk about the remote view changes coming in the 2.0 base game update. This is one of the foundations to be able to talk about the space platform and planets later, so lets get into it!

Friday Facts #376 - Research and Technology

Posted by kovarex, V453000, Klonan on 2023-09-15

Hello, This week we will talk about some technology and research related changes coming in 2.0 and the Space Age expansion.

Friday Facts #375 - Quality

Posted by kovarex on 2023-09-08

Hello, Today we are going to talk a little bit about a big feature in the expansion, Quality!

Friday Facts #374 - Smarter robots

Posted by kovarex, Oxyd, Klonan on 2023-09-01

Hello, today we are going to talk about some flying robot behavior improvements. Some of the problems we fixed were reported countless times, so I hope that some people will appreciate it :).

Friday Facts #373 - Factorio: Space Age

Posted by kovarex, Earendel on 2023-08-25

Hello, long time no see! Today we are going to talk about the expansion which is called Factorio: Space Age.

Friday Facts #370 - The journey to Nintendo Switch

Posted by Twinsen, kovarex on 2022-09-23

We have a long history of trying to bring Factorio to other platforms, including consoles and mobile phones (not including April Fools). We even worked with some external companies, but the projects never even got to the point where they would run technically, let alone the complicated part of making the game playable using controllers or touch screen. After all the attempts, we even had a Friday Facts prepared that was going to say something along the lines of "we don't plan to bring Factorio to other platforms".

Friday Facts #367 - Expansion news

Posted by Klonan, kovarex, V453000 on 2022-02-04

Hello, long time no talk, we've got some catching up to do... Almost 1 year ago (FFF-365) we said "we don't think that [the expansion] will take less than a year to develop". Well it has been less than a year and it is not finished, so we kept our word on that :). But while it might not be finished, there is a still a lot we have done so far.