Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories.
You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, apply management skills to keep it working, and protect it from the creatures who don't really like you.

Mining, logistic and production systems

This is the core of the game. Mining drills digging up the ground for ore. Robotic arms moving material from one side to another. Lines of furnaces smelting the precious ores. Assembling Machines automatically building further products. And conveyor belts literally everywhere.


So you have all these machines, but they don't run for free. You need to make enough electricity to power them up. Will you go for cheap steam, which makes tons of pollution, or for the expensive but eco-friendly solar panels?


You are clever and skillful, but you don't know everything out of the box. Research the technologies to make your way up the tree to completely automated and self-sufficient factories.

Oil refining

There is more to the production than just ores, this planet is rich in oil as well, and you will need it. Pump it from the depths. Break it to fractions in Oil Refineries and put it to good use in Chemical plants.


Belts are great for ore... if the resource patches are close and not that big. Otherwise you better build a good-old train track and scale your logistics to a whole new level.

Personal transport

Your factories can get big and walking can be slow. Set up manufacturing for engines and you can ride around in style.

Logistic robots

The "third support" of the logistic system. You need advanced technology for this. But once you have it you have all these cool looking drones that move the stuff for you based on some general conditions you set up.

Blueprints and building robots

Tired of manually building another mining site? Just use a blueprint. Define what should be built, provide the material and a bunch of construction drones will build the whole thing for you.

Circuit network

You want to have exactly 106 gears in your buffers? No problem, just make a circuit that switches off the production line once you have reached the limit. This is an advanced but powerful concept where you can really "program" your factory. With items such as programmable speakers, complex arithmetic processors, lamps and more. The sky is the limit with this Turing complete system.

Advanced production

Take your production to the next level with modules, letting you improve and tune your machines to meet your growing demands.


You are not welcome on this planet. With all your smokey machines that generate plenty of waste and destroy the environment. If you make too much pollution you better prepare for the enraged natives to come after you.


Defend your territory from the attacks of the enraged biters. Build walls and turrets to withstand wave and wave of angry critter.

Fight Back

The best defense is a good offense right? Take the fight to the natives with a wide offering of tools to clear new ground.

Nuclear energy

Develop advanced technologies to extract and refine uranium into a cleaner and more dense energy source for your growing factory.

Mass destruction

Harness the power of the atom, and optimize your extermination efficiency with weapons of mass destruction.

Reach the stars

The final goal of the game, can you prove your factories worth by researching, constructing, and launching a rocket into space?

Game modes


The main singleplayer freeplay gives a singular goal to aim towards. The task is simple, build the rocket silo and launch a rocket into space. You will need to do your best to achieve this goal. On top of that every game is a different challenge because of our procedural map generation.


Build the factory with your buddies, or just visit a game of your friends and let them show you around. The multiplayer system in the game has been refined and polished over the course of development, and is highly stable and dependable, for private games, and for large public servers.

Map editor

The game has a built-in map editor. We used it to make all the campaign and scenario maps. It is there for you to make new content for the game. You can also attach a Lua script to the map and make a custom scenario with specific set of rules.


In the game, there are many different gameplay scenarios and challenges on offer. Some are geared for solo play, and others are best enjoyed with multiple players.


Your task is to launch a rocket into space. You will need to research advanced technologies in order to unlock the rocket silo. Start small, work your way up with automation and don't forget to protect yourself from the natives.


After crash landing on this alien world you will need to explore the area, harvest local resources and automate producing the items you need to survive. A series of five levels for new players.


In this creative mode, you can experiment with the game and build as you like. You build in god-mode. You can have all technologies researched and spawn as many items as you want using cheat-mode.

Transport belt madness

So many chests and such a small island. Can you connect the chests without your head spinning? In every level there are input chests (steel) and output chests (red). Your goal is to use transport belts to connect all the chests.


Little space, limited resources and fixed amount of time. Buy land and machines and sell your final product.

Supply challenge

Supply the production output objectives and build your factory to meet the ever-increasing demand. Earn points for finishing each level and fulfilling the supplies ahead of schedule. Play singleplayer or multiplayer.

Wave defense

Defend the rocket silo against increasingly powerful waves of enemy biters, use earned points to buy powerful military upgrades. Launch a rocket or kill all enemy nests on the Island to achieve victory.


Set up multiple teams with separate starting areas and research progress. Highly configurable gameplay options to tune the conditions to your needs. Play co-operatively or against one another to complete one of the many offered victory conditions.

Rocket rush

You start with all technologies unlocked. Choose your starting items carefully and try to launch a rocket as fast as possible.

Team production

Compete as small teams to complete short production based objectives. Earn points for every victory, and track your score with the in-game leaderboard.