There are many videos related to Factorio on Youtube. Actually there are so many that it is easy to get lost in them. If you are looking for youtubers who have been involved with Factorio for quite some time, you might check the following channels:

Interesting videos

Darude Sandstorm by DaveMcW with a combinator video player.
Tritex989 with a rendition of 'Still Alive' with programmable speakers
Serule Blue with Factorio Rube Goldbergio
FactorioSpeedruns with a speedrun record in 0.14


KatherineOfSky's recommended set of tutorials
Nilaus' 'Vanilla done right' series
Steejo sets up basic research in his tutorial LP series
Xterminator shows us how to build a better factory in his Factorio workshop series
KatherineOfSky explains how to make a belt production array
ColonelWill's train tutorial with Xeteth

Release Overviews

MangledPork Gaming demonstrates the 0.15 changes
Xterminator shows us the new features of 0.15
MangledPork Gaming shows new additions in 0.13
MangledPork Gaming shows new additions in 0.12
MangledPork Gaming shows new additions in 0.11

Lets Plays

Arumba with 4 friends play a modded multiplayer game
MangledPork Gaming starts the town series with specialised bases
Yogscast Live play a new modded factory
Steejo attempts to get all achievements in his livestream series.
Arumba plays a mass multiplayer game
Zisteau expands his oil harvesting network in his Meiosis series.
Nilaus shows us how to make a megabase