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Friday Facts #143 - Matching server and UDP NAT punching

Posted by cube on 2016-06-17

About 0.13.0 The hype for the upcoming 0.13.0 release has been growing. There are two news I can give you at the moment. As usual one is "bad" and the other is "good". So let's start with the bad one. The release has been postponed. Now the good one. The release has a fixed and specific date now (as opposed to "yeah soonish ..."). The date is...

Friday Facts #136 - Map Transfers

Posted by Cube on 2016-04-29

Hello all, This week's instance of FFF is brought to you by cube, your friendly neighbor clueless network programmer. This post will be more technical than usual, so let us know if you found it interesting. Things go on The week has been spent mostly on pushing forward in multiple of ongoing areas in the development for 0.13. Robert...

Friday Facts #76 - MP inside out

Posted by Blue Cube on 2015-03-06

Hello fellow Factorians! I'm breaking away from our magnificent testing / team building session here at our office to bring you more babbling about the development of your favourite game. This time there will be less of the regular "fixing bugs, fixing multiplayer, designing spaceships" theme from the past weeks and the post will be a...