Busy weekend

Posted by Tomas on 2014-04-21

Hi all,

this weekend has been very busy. For our sales counter. On Saturday, quill18 made a nice youtube preview of Factorio. The video has been seen by a few thousands of people. The reaction to video was very positive and shortly after it was released, the sales counter went crazy. In the evening the game has already made more money for the day than for the whole month a year ago.

There was a glitch in the evening, when we breached an outgoing limit on the number of emails the web site can send out. The result was that people could buy the game, but wouldn't get an activation email. Not the best timing, especially considering that I was out of the house. Anyway, we have resolved the problem in a timely manner and sent the codes to people who didn't get them automatically (sorry for troubles again if you were one of them). The rest of the extended weekend was rather smooth. Today we even went past the magical (for us) threshold of 10k sales. I still remember the time when we were starting with Factorio and plannig that if we can make 10k sales within a year it will be a success. It took much longer, but the prospects are bright. The feedback we got, from the people seeing the latest version of the game (the video was done with 0.9.8) for the first time was very positive.

Allright, that is enough for the small happy rant about Factorio getting some traction. If you have something to say please do so on our forums.