Friday Facts #192 - One million

Posted by kovarex on 2017-05-26


we try to fix bugs as fast as we can, the more we fix, the more get reported, it will takes weeks to get to stable version ... blah blah blah

One million copies sold

So it actually happened.
We are in the club of games that have sold out 1 million copies.
I can't really believe it.
It is almost the amount of people living in Prague.
Which is a lot.
It is hard to imagine all the people.
I want to see the people.
Well ... at least some of them.

The celebration party

We decided to make a celebration party. Most of the Factorio team will come, and we plan to invite our friends and other Czech developers. We want to make it possible for the players of Factorio to come as well if they want. We are not really sure how many people could actually come to such event in Prague. Actually there is a guessing contest in the office, where I'm the most pessimistic guy guessing that less than 50 people will come. The party will take place on Saturday the 17th of June, here at a venue here in Prague.

Each ticket costs 10 Euro, which is a symbolical price to make sure that people who get the tickets will actually attend, and to prevent a single person from getting all of the tickets. There are only 100 fan tickets available, so if you want to attend please make sure you get your ticket before they are all gone.

There will be a chance to chat with most of the team, including developers, artists and myself. Free food, beer and soft drinks will be on offer to all our guests, along with some music. We are also planning a Factorio 'Pub quiz', with some prizes for the winning teams. Of course this will be a great opportunity for everyone to chat with other fans of the game from around the world.

More details, along with how to purchase tickets here

The interview and AMA

This is the first time you can actually see me talking about Factorio. I talk about the way Factorio started and struggled over the years. It ended up to be more of a monologue interrupted by occasional question, but lets call it an interview.

The video is in Czech, so you will have to enable the English subtitles.

As a follow-up to this interview, I will take part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, while the most basic and broad questions are already answered by the interview. The AMA will be held on the Factorio reddit next Tuesday (30. May) after 2pm CEST.

As usual, let us know what you think at the forums.