Here we are

Posted by Tomas on 2012-10-24

Hello everybody ! We are three friends from Prague, Czech Republic working on a computer game called Factorio. This is a first from series of blog posts where we will share information about the game and about the process of making it. The game development started with couple of Michal's ideas for a "game that he would like to play but that is not available out there". Not late after that he found himself quitting his job and working on the game full time. Soon he was joined by Petr and eventually by Tomas. We have been working on the game on and off for almost half a year now.

Factorio is a game about building a factory. You will need to mine resources, build machines, automate production and fight alien creatures. The main character finds himself alone on the alien planet. His task is to prepare the planet for colonization fleet coming from the Earth. In order to achieve that he basically needs to clear the planet from hostile alien creatures that constantly keep attacking him. He starts with his bare hands and knowledge how to create couple of simple things. As he progresses he mines available resources, builds more complicated machines, unlocks elaborate recipes and creates automated factories.

At the moment the game is playable. However, it contains only basic functionality, it is still a bit buggy and it does not yet look as silky smooth as we would like it to be. While our graphic Albert is feverishly working on the looks we are finishing the demo version with tutorial campaign which will be available soon for free. We are doing all this without any external support. This means that we don't get paid and we have to finance all the expenses ourselves (mostly graphics). For this reason we need an early verification whether the game will be enjoyable and thus whether it makes sense for us to continue in development. That is the reason why we want to get the demo out as soon as possible and see what you guys have to say abou it. So stay alert, it will probably be flying out before X-mas.

As you have probably noticed, quite some content on this page looks rather funny. Like screenshots, video, half finished pages, etc. Please bear with us, we are working on it :)