Our youtube channel

Posted by Tomas on 2013-09-09

Hi guys,

we are still busy working on the 0.7 update, but in the meantime here is a little news on our youtube channel:

We have had a youtube channel for a while. You can have a look. However there hasn't been that much activity. Actually main reason for that is rather funny. The account was connected with my personal email address. After a while we figured out it would be useful to use some common email address so the other members of the team can manipulate the channel as well. It turned out that it was not possible to change the email or even migrate the videos to a different channel. So we were sort of stuck with a channel with quite some content already, but one that couldn't be used in a longterm.

However recently the situation has changed. Youtube has allowed connecting the account to a Google+ page which can be administred by multiple people. So effectively we got what we wanted - our youtube channel with the original content, that can be controlled by different people on the team. This is a new motivation for us to produce videos now and then. We have started by making a new video about one of the scenario pack campaigns - the Tight spot. Have a look at the video and let us know what you think;)