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Friday Facts #341 - Audio, Artillery, Attenuation

Posted by Ian, Val on 2020-04-03

One advantage of switching to home working during the COVID-19 crisis is the ability to listen to the game using speakers rather than headphones, and this has proved useful in balancing the relative levels of the game. Val has also been getting to grips with Lua, and this has led him to working on attenuations, which have been proving...

Friday Facts #252 - Sound design & Map editor

Posted by Val, Albert, Rseding on 2018-07-20

Val: Do you remember the smell of the fresh air near the seashore? Can you describe, a forest that rumbles its trees after a summer rain? All that you hear and see goes right into your mind. All of our senses are connected with each other in our memories. When we feel at least one of them, our imagination brings the others. Sometimes, and...