Friday Facts #44 - Decision making

Posted by kovarex on 2014-07-25


welcome to the weekly dose of information that proves that we are not slacking :)

0.10.4 Release

The 0.10.4 should fix 26 different bugs and lots of these are not bound to the 0.10 release. It took longer time to emerge for some of the older problems that were present even in the 0.9 stable version. The reports from the bugfixing work is quite monotonous and it seems to us that it is never ending story as well, but if we push a lot, we might aspire for the stable release with 0.10.5, so we could all start to concentrate just on the next big release.


Tomas reported, that he was able to get 3 Factorio players to connect into one game. All of them were running locally on his computer, but it is good enough for starters :) One of the features that already work there is, that when a player connects and needs to download the map, he downloads the save from all of the other players simultaneously, by requesting blocks he is missing. It practically means that we have simple version of torrent like system in the game, how cool is that! :)

Offtopic dreams of the sky

Just when I started to work on Factorio, I got a big dream that helped me going all the time. I wanted to be able to buy my own paraglide and a car, so I can explore the sky in the peaceful quietness. Very often, when I fell into my bed with my eyes red from the staring at the screen full of Factorio bugs (Code), I closed my eyes and I saw my boots in the air with hundreds of meters of air beneath me. I was able to move closer today as I got my drivers licence and bought an used car, so it shouldn't take too long until I get the paraglide with the huge "Factorio" sign on it. It would be officially the first Factorio marketing investment :)

Decision concerning subjective topics

I believe we are quite good at making decisions covering topics, where objective view exists But sometimes (often) it is problematic for us to agree on something so trivial as what kind of tanks should the player use in Factorio. The talk can be long. It includes the talk about the past of the player, how does he think when building these machines. What does he know about the principles of fighting machines. Where, technologically, should these tanks be in the research, etc.. It is usually finished only because someone is too hungry to continue. Ok it is usually me who is hungry. I'm always hungry. Never mind, here are the rough candidates for tank we are considering.

The regular comment thread at our forums is ready.