Friday Facts #45 - The second wave

Posted by kovarex on 2014-08-01


I'm alone here today, Tomas is on yoga camp. We will switch during the weekend, as he will get back, and I will start my paraglide course. I hope you wish me no injury so I can continue to develop Factorio without interruptions.


We had two releases this week, as both versions contained very annoying bugs, but the 0.10.6 seems to be more stable than the 0.9.8. It means, that most of our work time this week was related to fixing all the bugs.


My evil plan was, to work on Factorio at least a year before trying to trick Nerd³ to make video about it. I had a plan of sending Factorio players to vote for Fatorio on the reddit. After reading this tweet it was obvious that it is going to happening now. I'm very content with the video as it is very nicely done introduction. It is giving the player a peek into the important principles of Factorio, and Nerd³ is more enthusiastic than I could ever wish for. This means that we have a second wave of Factorio sales just peaking over 1550 for the last 24 hours now which is a new record!

Never ending complains that Factorio is just a Minecraft with Tekkit/FTB/Buildcraft

It is happening over and over. People are complaining about this. But this is really the natural way things are evolving. I made a statement about this , that I would like to link to whenever I encounter this rant, so I don't have to repeat myself instead of working on new Factorio concepts.

New addition to the team

Fourth programmer will join our ranks on monday. I know him well as he was my colleague for some years in the job I had just before I started working on Factorio. I believe in his skills a lot so the Factorio team should be able to overcome the challenges faster. We should make a group photo soon :) We are also going to move to some office soon, so Factorio is really getting from the stage of garage project to the next level. I can't really believe that it is happening!

This is how factorio looks with the factocad mod.

The regular comment thread at our forums is ready.