Friday Facts #110 - Tech art finished

Posted by Tomas on 2015-10-30

Hi everyone,

wednesday (28th of October) was a national holiday here in Czech republic (commemorating the creation of standalone Czechoslowakian republic in the 1918). Still, quite a few of us came to the office. The atmosphere was relaxed (even more than usual) and in the afternoon some people played the recently popular Keep talking and nobody explodes game. It is amazing to see how creative people can get (talking about the creators)=) IMHO this project shows a bright side of indie games scene: good idea + good execution => good fun.

Back to the Factorio reality=) In the past two weeks we have increased the frequency of the bugfixing releases. There were a few silly bugs that were created while fixing other things. Thanks for bearing with us. The general mood is to just finish the 0.12 so we can get it off our plate. Kovarex + 2 - 3 people are still focused on the 0.12 while others are either wrapping up other smaller tasks or have started working on some 0.13 stuff already.

Item search bar

For quite some time there were suggestions to implement the item search in recipe gui (and in general for item selection - i.e. when selecting filters). This becomes especially needed with modded game when the amount of recipes is getting out of hand and searching for the right one is frustrating. So Rseding91 just went ahead and implemented this for the 0.13. It works as one would expect. There is a small search button in the top right of the recipe gui and after clicking it you can type a part of the name / description of the recipe and only matching recipes will be shown. For heavy users, we have also added an option to always keep the search bar open and focus it when opening the gui. Below is a small gif demonstration.

Technology pictures

Albert has been deep in the Technology pictures land for quite some time. Today he even spent the whole night in the office finishing the last icons! Below is the composition of all the images. As for now the technology images is one of the few last placeholder graphics in the game. So it is great to see it being replaced with proper (and IMHO really good looking) material. These will be integrated into the game very soon so we can wrap up the 0.12. As usual, we might do some updates in the future (it is a first version) but for now they are (more than) good enough. Albert is really looking forward to switching to work on the upcoming videos and some promotional art=)

So what is your favorite technology icon? Let us know at our forums.